Friday, April 30, 2010

Zachary, You're Scaring Mommy!

Zachary hasn't been moving. The last time I felt a lot of movement, which is normal for him, was when I monitored at noon yesterday. Then? Nothing. I figured he was just sleeping. He's entitled to that.

I tried everything last night, and managed to get a little kick here and there. Nowhere near what they want though. I told myself that all was fine though, and went to bed. I planned to wait and see what he was doing this morning before I made any calls. I woke up, allowed myself caffeinated coffee instead of the normal pregnancy decaf, and waited. I blogged. I laid back down. Nothing. I drank apple juice, and that brought on a couple of kicks, but that's it.

I'm getting really worried. This isn't normal. This baby is very active. On top of the decreased movement, I have also been having some abdominal pain in the area between my diaphragm and belly button. It's been going on for 2 days now, and I just assumed it was from the vomiting the other day. I don't do dainty little urps. I violently heave when I throw up, leaving my face peppered with broken capillaries and everything. So that is what I figured the pain was from. But I also know that my placenta is in that region where the pain is, so this, combined with Zachary's level of calm, is rather frightening.

So....I am going into the office today for an NST. I'm a little worried. The doctors don't usually see my contractions. They get reports fom L&D nurses and the home health company about how many I have in an hour. But I am going to be on a monitor in their office and they are getting ready to see firsthand what it is that I do. I hope this does not turn into a hospitalization, and that Zachary is okay.


Zachary is just fine. Little stinker. He still isn't moving a lot, but his heartrate was nice and reactive. I told the nurse as she was strapping me up to the monitor that she was not allowed to freak out about what she saw. Apparently someone had warned her in advance, because she kept looking at my strip (which was behind my back) and saying "Wow! They weren't lyin'." everytime. I was worried about the doctor who would read it until Dr. Surfer Boy stuck his head in the door and said "We're talking about you out here!" Then he saw with his own eyes for the first time and was almost child-like in his wonder. "Look At YOU! Amazing!", as he snuck a peak at the monitor. I had 18 contractions in 20 minutes' worth of recording. Wave upon wave upon wave. He also saw J out in the waiting area and talked to him briefly--I don't think he is going to change plans now, as he mentioned to J that it would be here before I knew it.

I feel better knowing Zachary is okay. And I sort of feel better that they now see what the nurses have been calling them about all along. They know I'm not a hypochondriac now. And at least he let me go back home instead of to the hospital. After all, I'm not even feeling these today. Just feeling an overall crampiness. It also got me off the hook for monitoring, as I just called the nurse and told her where I had been and knew what my uterus was doing.

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  1. Glad to hear everything's OK. And that they finally have a full understanding of what you are going through.