Friday, April 2, 2010

The Visitors

It's early in the morning and the boy are both asleep. E is on spring break this week, which started on Wednesday. He's sort of bummed out because none of the neighbor children are, so they have homework and earlier bedtimes because of this, while he gets to run a little more. I guess this is one of the drawbacks of having him in a parochial school. He is off for Holy Week. They aren't. Looking back at my days as a student in the public school system, I thought we were always off on Good Friday. I could be wrong though. The other drawback is that, when we had the monstrous quantities of snow this past winter, all of the public school closed. E's school was a bit more judicious. So the public school kids had weeks of snow days, where E's school only closed for 1 1/2 days. So they now have a ton to make up and will also be going on some holidays they wouldn't have normally, and will be going longer into summer.

Speaking of E...He has been a frequent visitor in our bed at night. A few nights ago, he emerged from his room, shaken and ashen. This is very unlike him. He's always hated bedtime and would try anything to get out of it, but this kid was visibly scared. When we asked hm what had happened, he said "I don't want to talk about it!" and curled his little body up and went to sleep. I assumed it was some psychological impact of switching from being an only-child to being Big Brother. That's what I get for trying to over-analyze everything. The next morning, after some gentle prodding from J, we discovered he was hearing loud noises outside his bedroom window. It didn't take much investigating to figure it out. J left to go and run an errand and I could hear him cursing all the way to the car! It seems we have some raccoon friends who have developed an affinity for our garbage. The outside garbage cans are right outside of E's room. A-ha! So now we have to find a new home for them or get rid of our new friends somehow. I would prefer to get rid of the new friends, as I am sure J doesn't like picking up the trash from the driveway and lawn, as he has had to do several mornings during the past week. Plus, by now I am sure my neighbors think I am an IV drug user. My little brethine syringes, complete with the hot pink labels and little teeth marks, are littering the driveway. Iwant to post a sign that, should they find one, I am not the pregnant junkie next door! Then I wonder: can the residual brethine in the syringes kill the little raccoons? Pesky as they are, I don't want to emerge from my house at the end of this with raccoon corpses everywhere.


  1. That last bit about the raccoons and the garbage was hilarious! I remember a similar occurrence when I lived with a friend in a mountain cottage about 10 years ago. She had just thrown out a bunch of old clothes and undergarments with our regular garbage. The next morning her underwear was strewn all across the lawn! Once I even got a picture of the raccoon in the garbage can! Creepy! I think they make metal traps for raccoons, ones that you could take somewhere and release into the wild. Are your neighbors having the same troubles with these raccoons?

    On a completely different subject - have you been to That's another bed rest website with a forum section. One of the forum topics is bed rest bloggers. I've posted my blog on there as have a few other bed rest mommies. I thought you might find it interesting and maybe you could post a link to your blog up there. I'm sure other bed rest bloggers would love to read it!

  2. I'll have to look into the site AND the traps. We've never had this problem before. I think I'm going to buy some of tose outdoor cans with the lid that is like Ft. Knox! Our are admittedly flimsy and they can get into them no matter how tight the lid is. At the tme we bought them I had less-than-stellar neighbors and wasn't about to spend $80 per can. In the new neighborhood, I think I'm safe. But that is hilarious about the undies. I would've died!