Our Beautiful Miracle: E Through the Years

After going into labor at 18 weeks of pregnancy, and being labeled a "miscarriage", to months and months of preterm labor, to being told we should just abort him and try again, to being told he would be disabled or mentally deficient....We heard it all. But he made it. And has always been healthy. And needs special education concessions not because of a deficiency, but because his IQ is over 163, making him "freakishly gifted". E is our Miracle. Our Beautiful, Amazing, Talented, Funny, Charming Miracle.
Our E, First Day of Second GradeSilly Boy: E at 7 years old, Making Momma LaughE at 7 Years: Concentrating
E on a pony: Cub Scout tripTaking a Break, 7 Years Old E and the Stray he took care ofFOOTBALL!Silly FaceThat Beautiful FaceSweaty, Dirty, and CuteRotten at 5 YearsThat Infamous Smirk"It Wasn't Me!"4 Years OldAnd Again, but LaughingTickled by MomHalloween, 3 Years Old Mmmmmm, Cookies! 2 Years Old
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