Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lemme Explain!

I should have explained this a long time ago.

I go days without posting, then Wham! Many posts in one day. I type them up and say what I wanna say, but for some reason, when I type on Blogger, it is like the site moves at a different speed than my fingers and keyboard do. The result? I get these posts filled with typos so badly that it is quite the project to edit them. So I usually save the drafts, and when I feel froggy, I edit them and post them. I know how to post in advance, but have not figured out how to back-date posts, if there is such an animal. So you get multiple posts on one day, on a multitude of subjects. And yes, there are still typos. There are so many that I can miss some here and there. Just know that I really do have excellent grammar and spelling skills, and if you run across something funky, it is most likely a missed typo.

There! I explained! Mission Accomplished.


  1. While I don't know how to backdate posts, I do sometimes write my posts on Microsoft Word first and then copy and paste them into a new post.
    I am also pretty sure that Blogger offers a spellcheck option if you wanted to double check your writing - although we all know that spellcheck doesn't always catch mistakes.

  2. LOL...I'm Blogger illiterate! Where is the spell check?

  3. It depends on what editor you are using, but there should be an "ABC" next to a big check mark.