Sunday, April 4, 2010

29 Wks, 6 Days: The To-Do List

Wow! Look at the calendar! Neither my doctors or I have any faith in the idea that I'll make it beyond 34 weeks. We can hope and wish, but it ain't gonna happen...

So that gives me about 4 weeks. Gasp! 4! F-O-U-R!

I have so much to do!

1. Everything that can be washed must be washed in Dreft.
2. Get Dreft! Ha!
3. There are still some items I need to buy. I need to buy bottles, but keep waffling between the handy-dandy Medela ones that conveniently mesh with my pump, the Playtex nursers I used with E, and the Avent ones I really like. We also need more bibs, a monitor, a swing, and a highchair. Then some of the simple stuff like baby shampoo and lotion. And a Bumbo. I need one of those too. And an overhead gym.
4. Find out about adding Zachary to my insurance, which should be fairly simple.
5. Find out what adding Zachary will do to my insurance premiums. (I think nada, as our family rate covers up to 4 people, an we only have 3 but have been paying the full rate, but I want to make sure.)
6. Fill out the stack of paperwork for the new pediatrician, which I have already printed from their website.
7. Have carseat installation checked. I think J did it wrong. There was no such thing as a LATCH system when I had E.
8. Make J clean the car out. I will not have the people at the hospital I work for see the car as-is, which looks like vagabonds live in it.
9. Find a way to get the new-furniture smell out of Z's dresser so that the freshly-washed clothes will smell like Dreft and not wood.
10. Pack a bag for the hospital.
11. Order the cute take-me-home outfit from the Ralph Lauren website, along with a coordinating polo for E. My hospital doesn't just do the one boring pose for newborns--they do a photo shoot complete with parents and siblings.
12. Enroll E in the sibling class at the hospital.
13. Buy books on breastfeeding.


  1. You just reminded me of all the things I still need to do. It seems like many of the things on your list can be done from your horizontal position, which is good.

  2. Yeah, internet shopping is my friend these days!