Wednesday, March 24, 2010

27 Wks, 6 Days: Again. Seriously?

Okay, so I wake up Saturday morning, the morning after I was up until 3:30 AM doing the monitor-bolus thing. I actually wake up about 4 hours later, at 7:30. I'm still contracting. Not bad, but I am not eager to repeat the experience of the night before all day so I keep my mouth shut. And I wait. In fact, I wait too long, and the contractions get closer and closer together. Finally, at about 11 AM, I put myself on the monitor for an hour. And then I send it. And then the nurse calls back. 27 contractions that hour, between 11 and noon. She asks me how I feel, and I am brutally honest:

"I feel like, if I could dilate, I would've already had this baby. I feel like my body is trying to deliver him, and I am fed up."

I tell her that I'm not sure that the contractions ever really stopped. I know I slept for about 4 hours, and have no idea if they continued then or not. I just know they were there when I went to bed, and they were there when I woke up. That's all. So she decides to skip the monitor-bolus routine and just calls my doctor. And they want to send me to the hospital. I tell her I am going to shower and eat first, and then I will go, and I do. Within 30 minutes, we are on our way.

The doctor has decided before I even get there that I am most likely going to stay. I do. They start the mag sulfate drip at 3.0 grams, and off I go to my room. But the contractions don't stop. I get Indocin for the first time ever, and that slows them to a stop. Over the course of the first night, they wean the mag to 2.0 grams. Then the contractions start back up again somewhere in the middle of the night. And continue. More Indocin the next day. They stop again. Another doctor is on call for the practice and he comes in and tells me to just hang on until "the completion of 31 weeks" and that the "mortality rate decreases to zero at that point". Uh. Okay.

But this time, the nurses have me worried. And J. They are talking about risk of uterine rupture. They tell me that they have seen where a woman contracts and contracts against a closed cervix and finally, her uterus ruptures. This scares me to death, and is something I had not considered up until that point. Something new to worry about.

Over the course of 3 days, the contractions come and go. They make changes to my medications. And they keep me there. I'm not even allowed to bathe. I am so dirty I can smell myself and feel like the right to have my most basic needs met has been stripped away from me. Finally, J arrives with an arsenal of bath products, and I perch on a stool while he gives me a sponge bath. This, of course, is against doctor's orders, but I don't care at this point. I am in tears and miserable, so my nurse doesn't even try to force the issue, but instead tells me to let her know when I am finished and quietly closes the door. I am so grateful at that point to have a husband who loves me unconditionally, because I am nasty. And he doesn't say a word, but instead, helps me clean myslef up.

Finally, on Monday night, I get my progesterone injection. From that point on, I have 3 contractions. Total. The doctor comes in Tuesday and I immediately ask him if I can go home. He looks at my strip on the uterine monitor and says he sees no reason to keep me. I am free. And happy.

I leave that place hoping that the next time I am there, I will leave with a baby. I have about four and a half weeks left before I will be okay to deliver. Before I will reach the point I did in E's pregnancy. And I know now that, with the way Zachary looks in utero, he will most likely be fine from this point on. Every week from here on out is just icing on the cake for me. No one wants a preemie, but I am to the point where I am finished. And I'm just tryingto hang on. The point of viability has come and gone.


  1. I hear you on the just wanting baby out already feeling. When I contract like crazy, I feel that frustration as well. I'm definitely not the most patient person. I am in the same boat as well - my cervical length has barely shortened this entire time - but the contractions still continue. I have good days and bad. I did not know about the possibility of a uterine rupture. My doctors never mentioned it to me. I've also never heard of it in my online research. I wouldn't worry too much about it. Have your doctors tried nifedipine (a.k.a procardia)? That has helped me more than the terbutaline. Is terbuteline similar to the brethrine?

  2. Nah, procardia. I had it when I was pregnant w/ E and since I had good blood pressure normally, it would make mine bottom out and pass out randomly, so I told them they could use it if they had to, but to try to not have to. The mag sulfate does the same thing, so while in the hospital, they didn't even want to try it.