Wednesday, March 24, 2010

28 Wks, 3 Days: Eh--Feeling So-So.

Actually, I feel completely full It seems like this kid is enormous and is leaving no room for anything else in my body. Nothing is sacred: my liver, my bladder, my stomach, complete with the remains of the lunch I just ate. But the number of weeks I have left until I am full-term can be counted on less than two hands, an the number of weeks left before I can safely deliver can be counted on one. But I picture him in there, poking on the squishy bits of my insides and wondering what they are. Maybe he, too, will have a career in medicine. We have already determined E is going to be an engineer, with his passion and gift for taking everything apart and putting them back together. Of course, E wouldn't say this: he says he is going to be a pilot.

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