Tuesday, March 16, 2010

27 wks: Back I Go


Today is the 27 week mark. So now, regardless of what pregnancy book you are reading, I am going to be officially in the last trimester.

But yesterday...Good GOD!

I woke up as J was leaving for school. About 30 minutes after he left with my car, the contractions started, but these were different. They started up under my rib cage and would spread down the lower half of my body, and almost felt like they were going all the way down to my knees. And they hurt. And started out as really frequent. No building up and getting closer together, but about 3 minutes apart from the start. So I pick up the phone and try to call my home health nurse, like always. No phone. My landline was out. It was so bizarre because I had internet, which is from the same company. I couldn't call my nurse, my doctor, J, or even 911! What to do???

Well, thank you, Facebook and Yahoo! A friend of mine from Michigan was online, and I IM'd her to see if she could call J for me to get him home. She did, and 15 minutes later, he came through the door. He had to call the phone company, and scared the living daylights out of some poor rep who answered the phone, when he told her what was going on, and why we needed our sevice restored immediately. Thank God, she had it fixed within 15 minutes!

So the first call was to my doctor's office, who advised me to go ahead and do what I normally would. I ran a strip on myself and sent it in to the home health company. I don't know how bad the contractions were, but the nurse who called back is usually pretty liberal with me because she knows my story, that I do this. But even she seemed kind of concerned. We did the whole monitor-bolus-monitor-bolus thing all day. At some point, in the afternoon, she icreased my dosage of the brethine again, and as she was leaving for the day, she had me run another strip. She said she was going to let the after-hours nurse know what was going on, and that she would be the one calling me back after the strip was sent.

In the meantime, my other nurse showed up to give me my progesterone injection. I knew I was still contracting, but I also knew they no longer hurt and were further apart. So while she did her home visit, I continued to monitor. The monitor beeped to let me know the one-hour mark was up about 15 minutes after she left, and I sent the data. It wasn't long bfore the after-hourse nurse called to tell me I had 9 contractions in the hour. But it was still over the 5-an-hour threshold my doctor gave them, for the fourth time that day, so she insisted she call and talk to him. Of course, it had to be one of the doctors in the practice who doesn't know me well. And he is known for being on the cautious side, so that is how I ended up in labor and delivery again last night.

It was probably a good thing. There were no cervical changes, but I was dehydrated. So after 7 attempts, they got an IV in and gave me fluids. I woke up this morning feeling much better, aside from the big purple splotches up and down my arms from blown veins after IV sticks.

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