Wednesday, March 3, 2010

24 wks, 6 days: Me and Z, Just Chillaxin'

E is at school. So is J. The house is quiet. So is my uterus. In other words, no crazy contractions yet today. So we are just hanging out, me and the fetus. Actually, he is kicking up a storm because I just fed him what had to be the most delicious snack: oats and honey granola bars dipped in milk. Mmmmm. Pregnancy does weird things to me. Granola? Me? Normally it would be Oreos and Diet Mountain Dew for me, but that isn't exactly good for Z. And milk? Forget it. I hate milk normally.

I don't know what to write today. There are no harrowing journeys to tell you about. But with all of the bad, I feel like I have to document the good also. And I am feeling decidedly upbeat. I have been perusing the web looking for links I can put in here for other blogs and websites from people who have gone through complicated pregnancies. I do this, of course, so that in the event that this blog is stumbled upon by someone seeking info on preterm labor, they can find information here. Instead, I am finding these heart-wrenching stories of every obstetrical nightmare known to man, of love and loss, and the things we women endure to become mothers. It has made me appreciate E and appreciate that, although I am miserable, Z is thriving. I feel so appreciative and blessed right now. I have had traumatic pregnancies, but I have also had the priviledge of being the mother to a little boy who, by all rights, should not have made it into this world. But Nope, E is here, and beautiful and healthy and strong. A living tribute to God or modern medicine or whomever you want to put your faith into. I am choosing, for now, to assume that Zachary will be the same, that I will get to meet this sweet little boy in about 8 weeks or so. The gift we never knew we wanted.

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