Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Yes It Is

We watch Grey's Anatomy. And we used to watch ER. And J used to always ask me if that is really what it is like to work in a hospital. That is where this post's title comes in.

Yes. It is. Drama-City.

But I have not felt relieved and as appreciated as I did today when I called my boss to tell her that they would be delivering Zachary next week. She had this indescribable tone to her voice when she told me she missed having me there and cannot wait until I come back. Apparently, my shift at work has tried to implode since I have been gone. Usually day-shift positions are much-coveted, so there is competition to get them when one opens up. The end result is that all of the therapists with more tenure have those, and the younger staff covers nights. I am the exception-I actually prefer nights, as it enables me to do what I want with school. So while the night-shift crew is wonderful, they are green and immature, making me, at the ripe ol' age of 33, one of the oldest, more senior of the staff.

I have always been a sort of outcast at work. Since much of the night staff is new grads fresh from college, there is a lot of partying. I participate in baby showers and weddings and other celebratory events, but I am not there to meet my new BFF. At the end of my shift or on my days off, I am either in school or home with my family. I am at work to be a respiratory therapist, not to gossip or be catty.

So apparently while I was gone, there has been drama. As in call-the-whole-group-into-HR drama. Coworkers sleeping with other married coworkers. Someone deleted someone else from their Facebook friends. Someone else talked about someone else. And now the whole group is at war. This is the best news ever for me!

Why could this be good news? Well, my FMLA job protection was up May 1st, meaning my boss could choose to either hold my job for me or post it as vacant. I was worried. Very worried. Instead when I called, I discovered that my attitude and performance at work has come to be much appreciated by her. Quite simply, my job isn't going anywhere. I even told her to aim to put me back on the schedule full-time around June 14th or so, that this will give me almost 5 weeks, and she said no. That is too soon, and she will start me back the week of the 27th, to take my time and heal, that she "really needs" me back on nights. Then she must've looked at a calendar, because she said , "Andrea, that's next week! You're gonna have that baby next week! I cannot believe it is here already." Ha! Glad someone thought it was short. She then told me that she would have the infant CPAP ready and waiting to "ward off evil spirits". This may mean nothing to a layperson, but we healthcare people are a superstitious bunch, and when you aren't prepared, that is when something happens. It is the same concept behind us putting the crash cart outside of an ICU room of a patient who has bradycardia or dropping blood pressure.
When you are ready, it doesn't happen.

Of course this does make me a little nervous of the work environment to which I will be returning. The only thing to ease my mind is that I was not there, and have nothing to do with anything. I am Switzerland. Very neutral. But I am still employed. Could life get any better for me right now?


  1. I've actually had to stop watching old episodes of Grey's. I only watch the new season now. The amount of drama on that show actually keeps me up at night. I'm crazy, I know.

    That's great news about your job! It must be so reassuring to hear that. Now you can rest easy...

  2. Unfortunately it gets that way in real life too. I chalk it up to long work hours in stressful situations bringing out the worst in everyone.

    But yes, big Sigh of Relief on my part!