Tuesday, May 4, 2010

34 Wks, 1 Day: The Game Plan

So I go to see the doctor today. I almost didn't go, as I am beyond frustrated. I spent the greatest part of yesterday with ice packs nestled in my nether regions from severe groin pain that I can only attribute to Zachary's size right now. He may not be a 10-pounder, but keep in mind that I have never been this far along before. I am having flashbacks of the doctor on my first OB visit telling me that the second pregnancy is worse and that I would eventually feel as if everything is just going to "fall out". Boy, was he right!

I had called last night, though I was very reluctant to do so, but was concerned about the pain. I got a doctor from the practice whom I have never met. And I can honestly say this-whatever plan the docs have to keep each other informed sure does work! He laughed so hard that he snorted when I told him, "I don't know how I managed to get this far in this pregnancy without meeting you face-to-face, but..." Anyhow, he knew me, knew the meds I was on, about the contractions, the home monitor, and everything! I ran the pain by him and asked him if he thought it was someting that could wait until this morning, that I really did not want another trip to L&D. And he was awesome. And he said what I have wanted to hear for some time now: "Andrea, I think by this point we are all tickled that you have made it this far. And if it gets to be too much, call me at home and we'll just do your c-section tonight." He then explained that he had purposefully identified his number on my caller ID (I have one of those privacy blocks on my phone, and the on-call service makes you disable it for the doctor's call, making it up to them if they reveal their home number to you or not.) So his attitude left me questioning where the hell he has been or the past few weeks! I could've used him!

So anyhow, on to today...

The doctor I saw today is the only female in the group of 9 doctors, and I really do like her. She has a dry sense of humor like me, knows her stuff, and is no-nonsense. I don't think I have seen her since I was 22 weeks, in the hospital contracting every 2 minutes. So the first thing she says to me is, "You missed me, didn't you?!?" Then she explains that Dr. Surfer Boy put me on her schedule for Friday, May 14 sometime after my appointment last week. Huh? Well, apparently, my c-section has been scheduled all along, ever since we knew the amnio was scheduled for the 12th. Nice. The plan is this: I go for the amnio. Then, on th 13th, I go to see her in the office to get my pre-op instructions and amnio results. If all is well and lungs are mature, I will be having Zachary on Friday, May 14th. If lungs aren't ready, it's another round of steroids for me.

I am so excited and relieved. Of course we called everyone. This is how we dicovered J's mom plans on staying here at the house and not a hotel. She is more than welcome here, especially since she is making a 4-hour drive to help us with E, but my house, after 4 months of bedrest, is not exactly visitor-ready. J tries, but is not exactly the best housekeeper. So I have a crap-ton of stuff to get ready for her visit. Plus, this weeknd, J and I are going to go back to Babies 'R'Us to get the teensy piddly stuff I remembered that I still need. And I need a new camera. This past fall, I splurged on the Nikon I wanted, only to have E drop it and break the touch screen at the zoo. So that has to be done. (I'm sad--I can't afford to purchase the same again and will have to settle for a cheaper model.)

So anyhow, it's busy, busy, busy here. But whatever. I don't even care. I can't even feel the damned contractions today. I am on cloud nine! Zachary will be here in 10 days, at which point I will only be 3 short of 36 weeks. Who would've thought we could keep him in there this long! Almost full-term!


  1. This is such wonderful news. You may have a baby before me!

  2. I don't know--I keep thinking any day will be THE day for you. If not, I can entertain you w/ pics until you deliver.