Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Not Ready

How in the Blue Hell is that possible???

I have 3 days left of being pregnant. (Of course there is always the slim chance that we don't get the results we hope for from the amnio, then I will crap my pants and require heavy tranquilizers to stay pregnant.) Of those 3 days, I have today free and clear. The amnio is tomorrow, and I am sure to feel crampy and uncomfortable afterward and won't want to do anything. Thursday is occupied with my doctor's appointment and my mother-in-law arriving, plus the arrangements to get all of this blasted equipment back to the home health company. So really, that just leaves today.

And yesterday, while lying in the hospital wondering if they were going to just do the deed, I realized something. I haven't packed a bag. Holy Procrastination, Batman! So that is my mission for today, assuming the pain subsides a bit and I can function for a little while.

I'm passing up the cutesy nightgowns and robes. I don't sleep in that crap at home. I'm more of a baggy-tee-and-scrub-bottoms kinda girl. Hot, right? But I've been to this rodeo before, and don't really care, so that is what is going with me to the hospital. And the biggest maternity panties I can find--the kind that, should they catch a gust of wind, could carry me away. And they can't be the cutesy under-the-belly variety, because where those fall, I will have a big 'ol incision. Plus they have to accomodate the pads that resemble sitting on a box for days. Unless of course I want to wear the oh-so-attractive mesh ones they give you.

Hmmmm. What else do I need? Shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, elastics, makeup. The last one I wouldn't care about but I am looking rather pasty and anemic after months of no daylight, and at some point, I am going to be in a pic or two. Toothbrush and toothpaste. Deodorant. Lotion. I wish I would have bought purse-sized versions of my standards, but I didn't. I have to smell like a girl, and not a cheap girl, either. And my facial stuff. I have to have my Clinique or my face rivals a pubescent girl's. Then I need a camera and its charger, and maybe a good book and mp3 player.

For Zachary? Itsy-bitsy socks. I keep the room cool to sleep and the bambino's tootsies will freeze off. PJ's for the same reason. And take-home outfits of different sizes. I have a tiny preemie one that I was planning on using when we thought he was coming at 34 weeks and anticipating a 6 pounder. E was 6 lbs, 7 oz., but was so scrawny that newborn sizes swallowed him whole. Now I am over 35, almost 36, weeks, and wonder if the kid is going to be 9 pounds. So I am covering all of the bases. Some good receiving blankets, unlike the cheapo hospital ones. And of course the carseat, which I think still has tags and manuals attached--have to check on that.

Of course my luggage smells stale from being put away in a musty basement, so now I have to find laundering instructions for Vera Bradley stuff, because if my clothes smell like that and not detergent, it will drive me bonkers. And no doubt it will have to air-dry, which will probably take all day and hinder the whole packing thing.

Plus J's mom is coming, so I have to launder all of the bedding for her. I also have to make sure all of the receipts/ price tags are removed from the premises or destroyed. I can already hear it: " You spent $200 on a crib blanket????? Why didn't you buy an old one from a yard sale?!?!" or "That baby outfit cost that much? He's just going to puke on it!" I really should listen to her. The woman could cure the national debt in about one week with the way she manages money. But I like what I like, and up until bedrest, I worked hard for the money to match my expensive taste.

So I have a few things to do today. Feeling a bit overwhelmed. And I should be getting started, but J and E are still asleep, so I can't without waking them. Instead, I am going back to bed for an hour or so.


  1. I hope you got some sleep.

    Your list is funny because I probably overpacked for the baby. I have no idea what's going to fit, so I think I packed like 5-6 different outfits. For myself - I totally didn't think about packing big granny panties, and I did pack the pretty nightgown and robe set my mother-in-law gave me (which I haven't worn yet) and I am the same way as you - t-shirt and loose pants are way more comfortable for me. OK - time to repack! Thanks for the reminders!

  2. That, and there is always weather. I don't know what it's doing in your neck of the woods, but with our weather lately, it could be anywhere from 50 to 85 degrees when I take him out of the hospital!

    And yes, I hate to tell you but granny panties are a must. Sorry. I hate 'em too. But the pads they give you after you have a baby look more like small-ish depends. And while we're on the topic, they should be wedgie-proof for you--You'll be sore. Not to be all extra personal, but I know this is your first baby :)

  3. Our weather has been weird. Last Sunday it was in the 90s and this past Sunday it was in the 40s with a cold wind. Last night we had a freeze.

    Yes I am sure I will be sore. And it's not too personal - these are things people don't tell you! And you end up learning the hard way. I think I might invest in some new grannie panties, I'm starting to not like the ones I have - they're a bit too small right now! Who'd have thought it possible?

  4. That's what I figured, and why I told ya. Ha! Granny panties too small! Love it! John makes fun of mine and runs through the house waving them like a flag when he is folding laundry!