Wednesday, May 5, 2010

34 Wks, 2 Days: Just Waiting

Waiting waiting waiting. 9 More Days.

I am having terrible hip pain today and had the hardest time getting out of bed. I'm not even supposed to be out of bed yet, but whatever! I'm having him next week, so I don't even care anymore as long as the baby is safe. Unfortunately, the pain is keeping me from doing what it is that I really want to do. And tonight I get my last ever progesterone injection! WooHoo! Those suckers really do hurt, even though my home nurse is the best at giving them. I've had one where I had to get it in the doctor's office, and one where I had to get it in the hospital, and I will take her technique over theirs anyday! The concoction is thick and oily, and so once the medicine starts to spread in the tissue of my hip, a simultaneous burn and ache spreads down my entire leg on whatever side she is injecting. Sometimes the burning is intense and lingers for hours, at which point J laughs at me because I will literally sit with an ice pack on my bum. But no more after tonight. I cannot complain. Something has kept Zachary in there, and I really think these were the answer.

Other than the hip pain, I am just feeling anticipation. What will Little Booger look like? Will he have J's eyes or mine? My petite nose or J's angular, straight one? Will he be quiet and peaceful or will he be high-strung and spirited like E? How big will he be? I'm predicting a little over 7 pounds because of the last full ultrasound I had done where he was measuring 5 lbs. 5 oz. a few weeks ago. Most importantly, will he be okay? Is he as ready as I am?

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